2019 ODRAO Ride Results

I was so fortunate to be able to get to ride on a near perfect day. I have more than exceeded my personal goal of figuring out how to do long distance biking and establishing a great route for a single, two day or relay event ending in Cincinnati.

I finished at south Lebanon just over 200 miles in I was still fired up with abundant energy to do the illusive last 25 miles. Though pulling in to my destination after midnight and biking the last miles in the dark, with roads (till the Beachmont Ave bike trail bridge extension) was never the plan. So afterwards I was really pondering how too pick up the two hours/25 miles. So with now with help of a now completed trail in the fall of 2019 between Bellefontaine and Urbana ( thanks Jim, Nancy, Niki and others at Simon Kenton Pathfinders working to make this happen www.simonkentonpathfinders.org) and changing mid ride from my very dependable sturdy masi road bike (thanks Dominic and Judy at Spun in Northside www.spunbicycles.com for recommending the masi which has not let me down) and next attempt change bikes to a light weight racing type bike at Bellefontaine. Always looking to find others to join or build momentum for what I think is awesome idea, born from my witnessing many very noble acts of courage and perseverance against Cancer.