One Day Ride Across Ohio Blog

May 21st Update: Here’s for starting early, another great ride a week ago Saturday, though only able to fit in a 10 hour 130 mile ride on May 11th. That make three rides of 125, 120 and 130 not the quick jump to 150 planned. I think this might be a better approach to establish a base camp and get conformable with the century+ distance with minimal energy output before increasing it. I am just letting it happen this year and thankful for getting time for these long rides in the middle of a very busy schedule. The next ride is shaping up for this Saturday May 25th a one way trip from Cincinnati to Columbus + 30 miles tacked on to get to the 15o mile target.

Here is a house south of Bellefontaine Ohio close to half way between Lake Erie and the Ohio river that I posted back in my 2015 ride, ….
An again here a couple of weeks ago four years later, when I was driving the section between Bellefontaine and Urbana Ohio mapping out a road path around the yet to be paved sections of the bike trail south of Bellefontaine , …. Rough Years to be a Bengal Fan

Does 150 Mile Training = 110 MIles + 10 MIles of raiN?


Well maybe not, hit the rain late last Saturday which cut the 150 training ride short, will do another ride in mid may. When it is 46 degrees and at the point your socks are completely soaked it is time to stop. Biked from South Lebanon to Darby metro park 9 miles from Columbus boarder and back to Xenia. Due to Easter break and a schedule that makes weekday training difficult I went 3 weeks from the last ride. I realize now that two weeks is the sweet spot between long rides and will try to stick with that going forward. Next ride planed for a little more than a week from now and I will repeat the 150 training ride and add more if it makes sense.