2018 Ride Results

Well after a couple of days to get perspective on the ride I have some new lessons learned.

  • The gravel trail between Bellefontaine and Urbana is not a good alternative to the roads. After 12 miles of shake, rattle and roll which followed my fight of the head on winds on T-265 Sandusky Trail road for over 2 hours it took its toll. In the future I will wait for the remainder of the bike trail to be paved or mix roads with the trail which is paved.

  • The wind was too much of a factor. When I planned the weekend trip the forecast was for optimal wind conditions. The forecast changed though with many pressing issues on the work and home front I kept with the plan.

  • I think this was my last attempt without a support car or other biker in the northern road section. The new path from Maumee Bay on Lake Erie was excellent and had minimal dog episodes. Though being by myself and more at risk, I felt the need to accelerate at every house which could have a dog present. Thus countless accelerations and recoveries also takes its toll.

I felt good throughout much much stronger than in years past. I think I will have to wait till next year with much to do on the work and home fronts. I have the formula just need good conditions and plan in additional help on the northern half of the ride. Hopefully the SKP group with get the funding they need and finish paving the trail which I found out wasn’t paved back in 2015 and has been a factor in every ride. Thanks for the support especially sister Vickie who dropped everything to make this ride possible and of course the invaluable help of Lisa in way too many ways to begin to list here. Cheers, have a great summer!!!